Summer Rides

Family Friendly Fun

Get that bike out of the shed…

bikes at the Kidical Massive
Summer 2017
 – our family fun rides will once more be running on Saturday afternoons through July and August. These will be safe escorted rides using traffic-free paths and quiet roads wherever possible, lasting no longer than a couple of hours. They’re suitable for all the family and particularly beginners, or anyone who just wants to ride at a gentle pace in congenial company

All of our rides will start at Dock Park at 2pm, on Saturday from the 1st of July. If you’re interested, just turn up on the day.

On Saturday 1st of January we’re joining force with Buddies who will be holding a Bike Barbecue on the same day, 1-4 pm. A chance to try a range of adaptive bikes and e-bikes, and you can also get your own bike checked out by Dr Bike if it needs a bit of TLC

This year’s ride programme:




29 responses to “Summer Rides

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  14. Mike Batley

    Is anything known yet about the 2015 Lockerbie Loop? I know this is always a ‘late in the day’ event, but I hope to be in the area and able to ride it. I’ve tried the old Lockerbie Loop gmail address but no success. Many thanks.

  15. sallyhinchcliffe

    Hi Mike, it’s not really anything we’re involved in, but according to the poster we saw on FB it’s on June 21st – if you’re on Facebook it’s posted on our page

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