Maxwelltown Path

A six mile ride along Dumfries’s lovely Maxwelltown path and back.

Maxwelltown path – six miles (or five miles if returning via the roads). Click on map for more details of route

This ride is a little bit more ambitious but still very easy even for a novice cyclist or a young family. We head off along the Whitesands shared use path and cross the river at the College bridge, then follow the quiet College Road to reach the Maxwelltown cycleway. From there it’s an easy level traffic-free route all the way to the end of the path.Returning, we now generally go back along the Maxwelltown path – there is a slightly more direct route along shared use pavement to Cargenbridge, and continuing on the shared use pavement along the Dalbeattie road, then taking Park Road and Rotchell Road back into town, but at the moment it’s not particularly family-friendly. with two tricky road crossings.

Although this might seem like a long way, because it’s almost entirely flat, most people will find this a very easy ride. We’ll keep the pace gentle so nobody gets left behind and it’s suitable for all ages, although children should be accompanied by an adult.

Meet at Dock Park at 2pm. There’s free parking all day for cars if you’re coming from further afield.

15 thoughts on “Maxwelltown Path”

  1. This path is called Maxwelltown path it is for all pedestrians and cyclists. So why promote it as a cycle path it just happens to be N7 route.
    Perhaps it might be better to promote safe riding by cyclist making sure pedestrians are are aware of the precancerous be for wizzing past your shoulder without any warning whatsoever.
    I am a keen cyclists and walker and I find a simple shout (mind you’re backs) is enough and most people take control of the dogs small children and I past safely with a thank you.

  2. Hi Peter – thanks for your feedback. We always make sure when riding as a group that we warn people and ride slowly around pedestrians – mostly we find everyone gets along pretty well.

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