Springalong and more

Nith Inshore Rescue Open Day
Nith Inshore Rescue Open Day

As we gear up for our summer rides in July and August, we’ll be taking part in a few other local over the next few weeks. First up, we’ll be taking part in the Nith Inshore Rescue Open Day as they formally open their new boat house. Come along this Saturday and say hello, have a go on a tandem, see if you can master the Brompton fold, and also have a nosey round the Lifeboat’s fancy new boat house – what’s not to like? We’ll be there all afternoon, from 2pm to 6pm.

We were disappointed that the planned Springalong event in May was cancelled due to the weather (especially as we’d already braved the rain and started setting up!) but fortunately it turns out it was merely postponed and will now be held on Sunday 4th June, 12-3 pm.

Amended Springalong poster

We’ll be there and are planning to run some slow bicycle ‘races’ (is it a race if you’re trying to come last?). So if you’re planning on attending, do make sure you come by bike or at least bring your bike along so that you can take part. There will even be a few small prizes for the slowest.

Whether you can make it or not, don’t forget that our summer rides are held every Saturday in July and August and are a great way to discover the cycle paths of Dumfries as well as meet other local cyclists and generally enjoy a nice relaxed cycle trip well away from traffic. Perfect for those who are new to cycling, getting back on the bike after a break, or just generally not keen on mixing with cars on the roads.


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