Mixed Messages
Mixed Messages

Cycling Dumfries is a group of local people who have got together to try and press for better cycling conditions in and around the town.

Dumfries has got some great cycling facilities, if you know where to look – from the Maxwelltown Railway path to the Caledonian Cycleway. The country roads around the town also feature some stunning cycling on quiet, almost empty, roads that would be the envy of most cyclists. And yet, far too often these facilities aren’t joined up, or they’re badly signposted or they simply don’t take you to where you want to go.  Anyone who’s cycled around the area will know all about cycle paths that are full of broken glass, bike racks that are almost impossible to lock your bike to, cycle lanes that seem designed to send you round the bend, and the inevitable ‘Cyclists dismount’ sign.

We want to celebrate what’s great about cycling in Dumfries, and encourage as many people to join us as we can, but we also want to try and improve the facilities in any way we can. We’re not affiliated to the council, or Go Smart, but we do want to work with them to improve the lot of cyclists in the area. We are here to represent the ordinary person who uses a bike to get around and in fact everyone who might like to cycle for whatever reason, even if they don’t at the moment.

Who we are

What we do

Our policies

If you want to get involved, leave a comment or contact us through the contact form below. Or you can simply email us directly on cyclingdumfries … AT … gmail … DOT … com

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fabulously professional website – anything that raises the profile of the best way of getting about ever imagined, has got to be good news. Won’t be able to make the meeting, but good luck for the night; and I’ll continue to follow you online.

  2. Thanks very much! We’re just starting out but hopefully there will be many more events to come

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