Our Policies

This is a bit of a work in progress, but in our response to the local transport strategy we suggested.

  • Blanket 20mph speed limits within the town limits
  • Reduced permeability for through traffic within the retail heart of the town, except for buses, bikes, deliveries and collections, and disabled drivers
  • Restrict the bulk of town centre parking to time limited (and enforced) short stay parking, except for residents, while directing motorists to the existing more peripheral car parks, which the strategy notes are under used.
  • Create a network of  safe well-signposted cycle routes around the existing Maxwelltown Railway and Caledonian Cycleway paths, suitable for all cyclists, including novices, taking people to all the places (work, shops etc.) they might need to reach by bike.
  • Create a network of ‘safe routes to school’ for all of Dumfries’s schools.
  • Extend the provision of bike-enabled buses at the least to the Lockerbie route, and preferably across the region

If you’ve any more ideas, let us know – either by email (cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com) or via facebook or twitter.

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