Take Action


Here’s a few things you can do to help make conditions better for people cycling in Dumfries.

5 minute actions

Find us on Facebook – Probably the best way to keep up to date with all the current news and events. It’s also a great community you can tap for advice on cycling or to share great ideas from other places.

Follow us on Twitter – Another source of Cycling Dumfries information. See who else we follow and get a flavour for what’s going on nationally and internationally, as well as locally.

Join us – The more members we have, the louder our voice will be – giving us more influence with the people who can make real changes to the cycling conditions in the area.  We are an entirely voluntary organisation and the more people who are willing not just to join but to help out, the better.

Donate – Help us carry on our campaign with a small donation – we run Cycling Dumfries on a shoestring but support for printing and Donate Button with Credit Cardspublicity and other costs would be very welcome.

Report it – report faults to paving and cycle routes, including potholes, broken glass and blocked drains on the council’s page. For trunk roads you’ll need to report it to transerv.


Mixed Messages
Mixed Messages

15 minute actions

Make a journey by bike – ditch the car and take the bike instead. The more people using bikes for everyday journeys the better for you, your community and your environment. Click the bike icon on Google maps or use CycleStreets to plan your journey.

Pinpoint problem areas for cycling –  For those bigger problems with infrastructure like a gap in the cycle network or a route that can be improved, use Cyclescape. This tool helps you report problems, prioritise issues and discuss changes you’d like to see. The Cyclescape page is also checked by the council. Try it out now!

Speak up for people cycling – Sometimes we ask people to write to their Councillor, MSP, or MP on specific issues. Check our blog to find any asks we may have at the moment. Or if there’s an issue you know about, write to your Councillor, MSP, or MP. Find your local representatives via the council’s Find My Nearest page. From there you’ll find contact details for getting in touch with them. Or attend your local Councillor surgeries and speak to them in person. Take part in consultations and remember to speak up for people cycling and walking.


1 to 3 hours

Attend a meeting – Come to Cycling Dumfries meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the Coach and Horses during summer. We have also started winter meetings where we get our heads together for an evening (over some food) to tackle a specific issue. You have to be signed up to our mailing list for more information about these so get in touch via our contact form or email cyclingdumfries@gmail.com.

Come on a ride – Either join in our summer rides or winter rides. We also have ad hoc rides to church teas and open days across the region, so keep an eye on facebook and twitter for these. Or go on your own ride – check out the Rode Routes page for some ideas of good routes from 3 to 30 miles.

Take part in an event – this could be leaf clearing on the cycle paths or setting up a stall. Keep an eye on What’s Going On.

scones and scotch pancakes
A church tea in all its glory.




2 thoughts on “Take Action”

  1. I’m trying to obtain 2 of The Machars cycling routes, A4 size sheets. I’ve got the Orange and Red route sheets, but want the Yellow and the Green.
    Do you have them, or know where I can get them please ?

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