Bike Portraits

We’re starting a new series of posts this summer: bike portraits to celebrate the cyclists of Dumfries in all their wonderful variety. Thanks to those who stopped to take their photo taken – we’ll be adding more portraits gradually over the next few weeks.

Hamish McCready

Hamish McCready – portrait by Alison Boyes

Joyce Brown

Joyce Brown – Portrait by Alison Boyes (c) 2015

Robert MacMillan

Robert MacMillan – portrait by Alison Boyes (c) 2015

Martha Kearney

Martha Kearney – Portrait by Alison Boyes (c) 2015

Lawrie Foley

Lawrie Foley – Portrait by Alison Boyes (c) 2015

Look out for us haunting the cycle paths as we accost passing bikes over the summer and do please stop for a chat and to have your photo taken! And if you’d like to be included just drop us a line on and tell us a little bit about yourself – and your bike.


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