Crichton Challenge

The challenge is getting up the hills! But of course what goes up must come down and you are rewarded with some splendid down hills too.

Route map
Crichton Challenge map – click here for more route details

Starting at Dock Park, head down river in the direction of Kingholm Quay. Once you’ve passed the final footbridge (the Kirkpatrick Macmillan bridge) use the toucan crossing to get across the road and into Castledykes Park. This is the first challenge (hill!).

Cycle through the park and carry on following the path to the next toucan crossing to get over the Glencaple Road safely. This shared use path takes you up (second challenge!) to The Crichton Estate. The path brings you out on the road where you can dog leg right then left to take the low road through the grounds.

There’re many pleasant routes to take through The Crichton. This particular one takes in The Crichton Memorial Church (hill number 3!), The Easterbrook Hall and bends round nearly to the college and finally the farm. After completing this loop, carefully take the road down past the lodge.

Here there’s the option to go round the roundabout on the road or cross as a pedestrian. Either way, enjoy the long downhill into Kingholm! The home straight picks up the shared use path back along the river to Dock Park.