Glen Road Explorer

A slightly longer ride using the Maxwelltown cycle path to reach the Glen Road (formerly the A75) – a great gateway to the countryside. Distance 5-8 miles, depending on how the participants feel on the day!

Map to follow

This ride extends our Maxwelltown ride to head out from there along the Glen Road, which used to be the A75. When that bit of the bypass was dualled, the old A road got left as a dead end road for cars, but which bikes can use to get to Terregles, Shawhead and beyond – and it even has less of a hill than the new A75! We’ll take the Maxwelltown path as before, but then follow the new shared-use pavement route up to the roundabout and strike out along the Glen Road, past the site of the new hospital and the Kilnford Barns shop and cafe. From there, the road gets quieter and quieter – how far we go along it depends on how far people feel like going. We’ll then return via Cargenbridge and the Suspension Bridge as before. 

This route opens up a nice network of quiet country roads, albeit slightly hillier than the Irongray Road we explore on the 12 Apostles ride. From there, you can enjoy almost traffic-free cycling along single-track roads – opening out the countryside to the west of Dumfries.

Meet at the entrance to Dock Park at 2pm. There’s free parking for cars all day if you’re coming from further afield.

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