A Barbecue Summer?

Buddies Bikes, BBQ & a Blether poster
Join us and Buddies in Dock Park to get summer off to a cracking start

Our summer rides are some of the most enjoyable activities we do – even when summer itself doesn’t always co-operate – and it’s always great to get the summer off to a flying start. So we’re delighted to be joining forces with Buddies and the Big Bike Revival on Saturday 1st July. We’ll be holding our first summer ride at 2pm as always but this summer it’s part of a bigger event.

Buddies are planning their Bikes, BBQ and a Blether event on the same day from 1-4 pm and everybody is welcome to come along. There will be a variety of adaptive and e-bikes (pedal-assist bikes) for people to try out so if you or someone you know struggles to ride a conventional two-wheeler (or if you just fancy having a go) it’s a perfect opportunity to discover what’s out there.

summer rides poster
Come and join us for our rides all summer long

There’s also a ‘Doctor Bike’ which is good news for our summer rides, which have been plagued with mechanicals these last couple of years! If you’re contemplating joining us, and your bike has been spending rather too long in the shed in recent months, then why not bring it along to get it checked out beforehand. That way you can enjoy our summer rides to the full.

Our summer rides run for eight weeks in July and August and they start short and build up from there. They’re a great chance to get out on the bike for an afternoon or two, make new cycling friends and discover new cycling routes. All welcome.

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