An Outing to Lincluden Abbey

Fifteen of us tore ourselves away from the drama of the Tour de France – and Britain’s historic winner, Bradley Wiggins – to enjoy the Saturday weather and cycle to Lincluden Abbey

group shot at Lincluden

Say cheese! Gathering everyone up after exploring the ruins

This was the third of our summer rides, and once more we were blessed with fine weather – amazing when you consider what a summer it’s shaping up to be.

This time we followed the Whitesands along the river to the Academy footbridge and then along the epically potholed surface of College Road to the bridge over the A75. Even our youngest riders tackled the spiralling ramps of the bridge with aplomb and we then followed the back roads to the ruins of the Lincluden College Church. This might be a magnificent 12th Century ruin, but it’s also a fine playground and scrambling spot – it took a little while to round everyone up again!

setting off back home

Preparing to ride home again after the stop at the Abbey

Then it was back through the quiet streets of Lincluden, via the new Bike2Go rental stand next to the rhinos, and over the big A75 bridge back to Dock Park for tea and cakes for some – and the rush to watch Bradley Wiggins win the time trial for others.

We hope that with British successes in the Tour (and hopefully the coming Olympics) many more people will be taking to two wheels over the summer. We can’t promise to go anything like that fast, but if you’ve been inspired to take up cycling again, then our summer rides are the perfect place to start.

The next one will explore the Maxwelltown Cycleway.





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