Summer rides: volunteers wanted

Group photo on the old runway
Eighteen people turned out for this ride – a record

Our summer rides have been going from strength to strength each year – with more families joining in and more people encouraged to get their bikes out of the shed and join us for friendly easy-paced rides around the the town. And all this takes volunteers to help lead the rides – whether it’s acting as ride leader, or as ‘tail end charlie’, making sure nobody gets left behind. At a minimum we need two people per ride – with eight rides every summer. And as the groups get bigger having a few extra helping hands wouldn’t go amiss, especially if they can do simple mechanical repairs (sometimes those bikes come out of the shed a little the worse for wear).

Could you help? Even volunteering just one Saturday afternoon in July and August would be enough. You don’t need to have any experience (although being able to ride a bike does help…).  The rides start at 2pm (ride leaders get there a little earlier) and go on until 4pm or a bit later, depending on the route and the speed. All the routes have been worked out in advance, so you don’t need to plan anything, although we’re always open to good alternatives.

If you can help out, please let us know by emailing cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com. Let us know what dates you might be able to make, and any extra skills you might be able to bring (bike repair, first aid, home baking …) although the main qualifications are a friendly manner and a desire to share your love of cycling with anyone who might turn up. We’ll give you a full briefing in what is entailed, and make sure that newcomers are always paired with someone with more experienced.

Finally, it’s worth adding that the summer rides are always great fun – even in the rain!

riding in the rain
Rain miles count double…

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  1. Hi willing to help out at 3 or4 rides

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