Key cycling route severed

This is extremely disappointing:

Loreburn bridge

Loreburn Bridge closed

The Loreburn bridge (the one by the rowing club) is a key part of Dumfries’s cycling network but according to the closure notice, it is due to be closed for repairs until 23rd September. This severs the  Whitesands from the Maxwelltown path – and without any warning, and with no diversions or suitable alternative in place.

The notice directs cyclists along College Street, the north footway of the Buccleuch St Bridge and then down Park Avenue but this means cyclists having to dismount:

college street cyclists dismount sign

The end of the College Street cycle track – barriers prevent cyclists from joining the road, even if they wanted to

Buccleuch St Bridge

Buccleuch Street Bridge – no cycling on the footway, and heavy traffic to contend with on the road

We have emailed the council to complain about the lack of notice, and to ask that cycling be temporarily allowed on the footway on the  Buccleuch Street Bridge during the bridge closure.

Unfortunately this will mean rerouting all of our summer rides as they all use the Loreburn Bridge.

We will keep you updated on their response


Having exchanged several emails with the council officers responsible, we’ve not made much progress although apparently there are now diversion signs in place (there certainly weren’t at 10am this morning).

The bridge is being painted, and has to be closed for as long as it is because it needs to be scaffolded and enclosed to prevent spillages into the river. It’s possible the pedestrian access (the steps) will be opened a little bit sooner, but not the ramp for bikes.

They can’t allow cycling on the footway of the bridge because of the doorways opening directly onto the pavement.

They did put notices up of the closure but ‘persons unknown’ took them down again.

In short, a key route is going to remain closed for the summer and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

This doesn’t bode well for the Whitesands flood defence work, if that ever gets going.


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