Rain, What Rain?

Lincluden Abbey
Lincluden Abbey in the rain

OK, we’ll be honest. Much as we love cycling in all conditions in Cycling Dumfries, yesterday’s forecast was a little challenging for a summer ride. Rain,  followed by more rain – 0nly heavier – doesn’t tend to encourage people to go out at all, let alone want to come along for a bike ride. So we weren’t sure whether anyone would turn up at all at Dock Park yesterday afternoon for our ride to Lincluden Abbey.

Exploring the ruins

It turns out that Dumfries cyclists – at least the women – are made of sterner stuff though for there were six of us in the end for our brief jaunt on quiet roads to one of the town’s hidden gems. Indeed, despite having lived in Dumfries for years, two of our participants had never visited it.

The rain never quite let off all afternoon – if anything it got heavier – so we didn’t linger too long over the ruins, but paused long enough to enjoy a bit of cake and adjust a couple of saddles. Then it was time for a leisurely ride home, chatting most of the way – and it’s funny how when the conversation is good enough, you stop even noticing the rain.

still smiling
Still smiling after the ride – by then nobody could really get any wetter…

Hopefully next week’s ride on the Maxwelltown Path won’t be marked by quite such monsoon weather – the sun’s got to put in an appearance some time …




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