Third summer ride: detours and double baking!

After last weekend’s monsoon conditions, it was a relief to have a better forecast for Saturday’s ride – and a great turnout of 14 people to enjoy it.

End of the path
Group shot at the end of the path
Cake AND marshmallow treats …

Ride leader James reports:

Good turnout today, lots of kids along for the ride. As a result I didn’t get too many photos. Actually, only one group shot at the stop. We pedalled out to the Garroch Loaning end of the Maxwelton path and returned by the same route (was put to a vote…) We had two ladies disappear to Kilnford for coffee after the halfway point and the return leg was a little slower. One tired wee girl at the back, but we regrouped a few times on the way home. Beautiful weather. Laura’s cake much better than my effort.

Good to see that folk are getting a little competitive on the home baking front … this can only work to everyone’s advantage!

The next ride is along the Caledonian Cycleway – usually we get as far as Lochthorn Library, but let’s see where we manage to go! Meet at Dock Park at 1:45 for 2





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