Litter Louts?

Well, we thought this week’s yarn bombing was a bit of fun to brighten up the town and to give some of the barriers on the cycle path a hi vis and retro-reflective makeover – but having read the council statement in the Scotsman we stand corrected:

“If the positioning of bollards and other street furniture is an issue for people, they should raise the matter with the council directly.

“However colourful the yarn may be, it is littering and will be removed as part of ongoing maintenance.”


yarn bombing
Dreadful litter

It’s true that littering is a dreadful plague and particularly on the cycle paths. So it’s good to hear that the council plans to remove it. And when they’ve finished removing the colourful yarn bombing there’s a bit more they could do here:

Also litter

And here:


Also litter

That genuinely will make Dumfries a nicer and more pleasant place to cycle and walk in.


New statement from the council:

In response to ‘yarn bombing’ taking place in Dumfries.

Head of Integrated Transport & Commissioning said
“We appreciate arts and crafts in the region and this is certainly a very colourful way to draw attention to an issue. If the group contact the Council we would be happy to listen to their thoughts.

We’ll certainly be in touch with concerns of our own


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