Dumfries Yarnbombed!

Spotted on the cycle paths: someone has been at work in Dumfries adorning various bollards and other bits of street furniture with crocheted covers.

yarnbombed bollard

Yarnbombed bollard on the bridge by the old swimming pool (pictures taken from the BACPA website)

According to the labels, this is the work of the Bollard (and Chicane) Protection Authority.

bollard with pompom

Bollard with pomppom right outside the Standard Office

We’re not sure that bollards need protecting from cyclists – but we know that cyclists need protecting from bollards, so we’re delighted if anything is done to make barriers in the cycle paths more visible to cyclists and pedestrians

reflective arrows

Arrows added to barriers on the Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge

And they also add something to the gaiety of the town – much needed on a February day!

reflective arrow

Reflective arrow on barriers in Dock Park

Sadly, it we’ve had reports that some of the reflective covers have already disappeared since they were put in place. If we really want more visible bollards we’ll have to ask the council for a more permanent solution. But we applaud the effort

Have you spotted any of the yarnbombing on your way into work? Let us know!


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