Barnet consequentials…

Yes, it’s an obscure technical bit of government-speak geekery – but it’s also a chance for more funding for cycling. As Spokes in Edinburgh explain, it means that Scotland will get a smallish windfall from the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement which could be used to invest in cycling. If you’d like to see more cash for cycling infrastructure – which the council could then use to build more cycle paths – then please write to your MSP and let them know. But you’ll have to be quick!



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2 responses to “Barnet consequentials…

  1. We have a few trains that have not been converted to main standard for cycle carriage, we have now go express coaches on one route that are built to carry cycles, and could use more to develop other services across Scotland, noting that many less committed cyclists will cycle if that little helping hand is in place of being able to make part of the trip by train, bus, coach or tram, especially riding home at night on those unlit, fast rural roads in many parts of Scotland

  2. sallyhinchcliffe

    Properly usable bike buses would be a huge boon in these parts

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