Riverside Loop via Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge and Whitesands

Saturday July 14th. Another very easy ride using the riverside paths as much as possible and under 3 miles

riverside loop. Click on the map for more details

Starting from Dock park we head down the river and then cross over on the Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge, named in honour of the inventor of the pedal bicycle! From there we head up on the other side along the river path (keep an eye out for wildlife as this is a good spot to see kingfishers, merganser, and if you’re really lucky otters), under the bridge, and through the park towards the Robert Burns Centre.  From there we rejoin quiet roads briefly before crossing the main road (on foot, using the pedestrian crossings) and back onto a quiet dead end street. We then cross the Nith again at the College bridge and return on entirely traffic-free shared paths along the Whitesands.

Three miles might seem a lot if you’re not used to cycling but it’s really not! The ride is mostly level and the pace will be easy. This is an ideal beginner’s ride or for families with kids.

Meet at Dock Park at 2pm. There’s free parking all day for cars and a bike hire point for the Go Bikes. If you don’t have a bike then let us know and we can arrange a free hire for the afternoon. There’s really no excuse!

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