Aviation Museum

Saturday 18th August. A straightforward ‘out and back’ totalling just over six miles to the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum, a great little collection of aircraft and artefacts from World War 2 and beyond.

To the Aviation Museum and back, via the Caledonian Cycleway. Click on the map for more details of the route

Depending on numbers we will either take the direct route shown via Bank Street and Newall Terrace to the station and from there to the Caledonian Cycleway, or the longer route via the Maxwelltown path and the viaduct (see the Lochthorn Library route for details). We follow the cycleway to Tynwald Downs Road through the Heathhall estate to the Aviation Museum. We hope to be able to visit the museum itself (to be confirmed) and then we’ll return via the same route.

As with all our summer rides the pace will be gentle and the route is mostly flat. The ride is suitable for all ages and with the visit to the Aviation museum will particularly appeal to families with children. Six miles might be a little far for the youngest riders but with a break at the museum they should be able to manage it.

Meet at Dock Park at 2pm. There’s free parking all day for cars and a bike hire point for the Go Bikes. If you don’t have a bike then let us know and we can arrange a free hire for the afternoon. There’s really no excuse!

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