Up to Ae

Sunday 24th November  11am – Join us for a ride up to Ae Cafe (with ‘up’ being the operative word) and back…

“Cafe open”: the sweetest words in the English language

It’s almost exactly 10 miles to Ae from Dumfries, via the Caledonian Cycleway and NCN 10 – making it a perfect route for those wanting to try out longer distances than our summer rides. It’s a bit of a climb on the way up – but that just makes the lunch stop all the sweeter, and the ride home all the more fun

Route out to Ae Forest (and cafe). Click for full route information

We’re aiming this ride at all comers – it should be doable by anyone who can manage 10 miles at a time (the total distance is 20 miles). As always, while some people may wish to head off the front in a faster group, there will be some back markers who are always delighted to cycle ‘at the speed of chat’.

Meet us at Devorgilla Bridge on the Whitesands. The cafe should be open and we’ll stop for lunch, or at least a bite to eat.