Ruthwell Cross Christ on south side

Saturday 21st November

Ruthwell is home to both the famous Anglo Saxon Ruthwell Cross, and the Savings Banks Museum so this ride offers a double dose of local history. Although the longest of our planned winter rides (at 23.5 miles) it’s fairly flat and there will be two stops – at Ruthwell and Glencaple – so it won’t all be steady pedalling. The 7th or 8th century cross has had a chequered history – broken and buried beneath the floor of the church to protect it from 17th century  iconoclasts, it was restored in the 19th century and now stands inside the church to protect it from harm. It’s now recognised as one of the finest monuments of its type.

Starting at Dock Park at 10 am, we’ll head through Castledykes Park and the Crichton up to the Bankend Road. From there we’ll join NCN7 on the B725 and head east towards Ruthwell to visit the church where the cross is now housed, and the museum for those interested.

We’ll then retrace our route back to  Bankend and cut across to Glencaple where the cafe is a popular stop for bacon rolls, cakes and hot drinks, and very reasonably priced.

Suitably refreshed, we’ll then cycle back up the Glencaple Road and return to Dock Park via Kingholm Quay

Ruthwell Cross route
Ruthwell Cross route – click on map for full version

As always with our social rides, the pace will be ‘at the speed of chat’ and nobody will be left behind. We’ll mostly be riding on quieter rural roads and cycle paths and there’s no shame in getting off and walking up any of the hills. These are sociable and friendly rides, with an emphasis on meeting new people and seeing new places, rather than clocking up the miles. And we’re always delighted to welcome anyone along, however experienced or inexperienced a rider they are…

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