Loch Arthur via the Glen Road and the Old Military Road

road ahead

Saturday 26th March – note date change!

This mostly circular route takes us out to the west of Dumfries avoiding the A75, apart from one crossing point where we can cross safely. It’s the shortest but perhaps hilliest of the winter rides, reaching 20 miles, but as we will have been building up to it over the season, the extra up and downs won’t be apparent. And you never know it might be feeling spring like by then . . .

We’ll head along the Whitesands, joining the Maxwelltown Cycle Path at Cuckoobridge. From there it’s an easy couple of miles out towards Kilnford. Although tempting to stop at the Kilnford Barns tea room we will continue onwards crossing under the A75 and taking the quiet Glen Road west up a surprisingly easy incline. Crossing the A75 at the Drummore roundabout we’ll wend our way through Lochfoot heading south towards Beeswing and our lunch stop at Loch Arthur. Be warned, the farm shop delicacies on offer are tempting so come with a spare pannier for purchases.

Initially we’ll trace our steps back to Lochfoot but will then continue on the Old Military Road back to Cargenbridge. From there we can take the shared use path back into the town and enjoy the descent of Suspension Brae towards Dock Park. Don’t be alarmed by the route profile, the downhill sections are worth the climbs.

As with all our winter rides, we will happily go at the speed of the slowest. There are plenty of lovely vistas to enjoy so if anyone wants to stop and ‘admire the view’ at the top of any hills, they should feel free.

Meet at Dock Park at 10am. Be prepared for the weather and bring cash for a lunch or coffee stop. The rides will go ahead regardless of the weather unless, in the opinion of the ride leader it would be unsafe or no fun.


loch Arthur route map
Route map – click on map for more details

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