Halloween After Dark ride: Speddoch Loop

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark! Halloween Ride – Sunday 27th October, 4pm at Dock Park

night group shot

For many cyclists, the clocks going back in October means the end of cycling for the year, as the winter dark closes in. But with good lights, there’s no need to stop cycling if you don’t want to! In fact, night riding can be fun, especially out in the back roads, away from any light pollution. Our Halloween ride is a chance to embrace the dark, test your winter light set up, and rediscover the glories of the night sky.

Speddoch loop
Route and profile – click on map for more information

This 26-mile ride takes us out to the Glenkiln Reservoir and up round the Speddoch loop – with the bulk of the ride usually on all but deserted roads.  Meeting at Dock Park, we will go out along the Maxwelltown path and up the Glen Road, cut up to the Terregles Road and then on towards Shawhead before climbing up past the reservoir and up and over the hill. We then descend all the way down to rejoin the Irongray Road and back into Dumfries, for a well-earned drink (or possibly hot chocolate) for those who fancy it.

Note: please make sure your bike has good lights, as there are no streetlights and once past the reservoir it will be completely dark. Make sure also you will be warm enough – the descent means a long stretch without pedalling and it’s easy to get chilled. Bring warmer gloves than you think you need, and perhaps an extra layer.