Crocketford or Ninemile Bar - - 810717Saturday 30th November (note new date): Crocketford
Crocketford (also known as Nine-Mile Bar) was once the home of the Buchanites, an 18th century sect that believed their founder, Mrs Buchan, was immortal (despite her having inconveniently died in 1791). No trace of the sect remains, but the village does have the Galloway Arms Hotel (and now the ‘Cottage Tea Rooms’), making it a suitable place to stop for lunch…

This 25 mile ride is a little bit more of a challenge than some, as there are a few little climbs, rewarded by an exhilarating descent into Dumfries on the Old Military Road. As always we’ll keep the pace slow and there’s no problem getting off and walking on the climbs.

We meet at Dock Park at 10 am and ride along the Whitesands to the Maxwelltown Cycleway. From there we’ll head up the Glen Road (the old A75) until we reach Seeside Road and the short climb up to the Terregles Road. We’ll ride through Shawhead village and take the back road to Crocketford to reach the pub for lunch.

After lunch, it’s a slightly shorter route back via Milton to the Old Military Road and from there to Cargenbridge, where we’ll follow the cycle path along New Abbey Road to Park Road and into town. We return to Dock Park via the Suspension Bridge.

crocketford route

Ride route – click on map for more details

As always with our social rides, the pace will be ‘at the speed of chat’ and nobody will be left behind. We’ll mostly be riding on quieter rural roads and cycle paths and there’s no shame in getting off and walking up any of the hills. These are sociable and friendly rides, with an emphasis on meeting new people and seeing new places, rather than clocking up the miles. And we’re always delighted to welcome anyone along, however experienced or inexperienced a rider they are…


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