Crocketford or Ninemile Bar - - 810717Sunday 23rd February: Crocketford

This ride takes a nice loop out to the west through the villages of Lochfoot, Milton and Shawhead, using the Old Military Road on the way out and the back roads through Shawhead on the way back.

We meet at Devorgilla Bridge for an 11 am start and head out along the Maxwelltown Path and up the Glen Road (the old A75) to join the Old Military Road (NCN 7) at Lochfoot (avoiding one of the steeper climbs on that route!). We’ll then follow NCN 7  to Milton, where we’ll head up towards Crocketford and the Galloway Arms for lunch.

Ride route map
Route map – click on link for details

After lunch, we’ll complete the loop by taking the back road from Crocketford to Shawhead and from there down Seeside Road and back to the Glen Road. We can return through town either via the Maxwelltown path or cut back down more directly to the Suspension Bridge and back to the Whitesands.

As always with our social rides, the pace will be ‘at the speed of chat’ and nobody will be left behind. We’ll mostly be riding on quieter rural roads and cycle paths and there’s no shame in getting off and walking up any of the hills. These are sociable and friendly rides, with an emphasis on meeting new people and seeing new places, rather than clocking up the miles. And we’re always delighted to welcome anyone along, however experienced or inexperienced a rider they are.

All our rides are free and there’s no need to book but if you use Facebook then you can sign up to the event page there to let us know you’re coming. If you’ve any questions then have a look at our FAQ or contact us directly by emailing

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