Sunday 26th January

Update: This route as described contains an inaccessible section (a flight of steps) – see the description below for a modified route if you cannot carry your bike or wheel it up a steep slope.

We’re adding Auldgirth back on our ride list for 2019. Taking advantage of the back roads and the Caledonian Cycleway, we’ll be venturing to the village without having to brave the A76 (although we will cross it a number of times on the way back).

Map of route
Auldgirth – out via the Caledonian cycleway and Duncow, back via Portrack House and Holywood. Click on the map for full route details

The route is about 21 miles, with some rolling terrain, but no monstrous hills. We’ll go out via the Caledonian Cycleway to the Quarry Road and then past Kirkton, Duncow and Dalswinton to come in to Auldgirth by the back roads. We’re intending to stop for lunch at Haman’s Cafe which does a range of the usual cafe options, plus some more traditional Central European fare.

We’ll then cross the Nith by the old bridge, and make our way back along more country roads, crossing the A76 to go past Portrack House, and then again to reach Newbridge, before making our way back into town via Lochside.

Note that the old bridge, despite being a cycle route, is accessed by a flight of steps at one end. Although it is possible to push your bike up and down using a wheeling channel, this is not accessible to anyone who cannot dismount, or to those without the strength to do this, especially with e-bikes. The alternative is to  proceed along the footway alongside the A76 from the cafe (or to cycle along the A76) to the Auldgirth village turnoff.

As with all our winter rides, we will happily go at the speed of the slowest, and if anyone wants to stop and ‘admire the view’ at the top of any hills, they should feel free.

climb out of Auldgirth
Blue skies and distant hills on the climb up out of Auldgirth last time we visited

Meet at the Whitesands at Devorgilla Bridge for 11 am. Be prepared for the weather – this is January – and bring cash for lunch or  at least a drink at the cafe – we like to keep local businesses going if we can through the ‘cycling pound’. The rides will go ahead regardless of the weather unless, in the opinion of the ride leader it would be unsafe or no fun.

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