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 Press release – for immediate release
Cycling Dumfries are calling on the Council to build a real ‘golden legacy’ – a network of safe, gold standard cycle routes that everyone can ride on, not just the superfit. On Sunday 16th September a group of local cyclists will be sending their councillors a message on a postcard – complete with Sir Chris Hoy Olympian stamps – calling on councillors to show that they are serious about reducing congestion and creating a healthier Dumfries.
Sally Hinchcliffe, Chair of Cycling Dumfries, said “We are highlighting burning local issues for cycling, in particular the very poor provision for children cycling to school in the town. Dumfries High School, Dumfries Academy, St. Joseph’s College, St. Andrews and St. Michaels Primary Schools could  – with a little imagination and a very small amount of money – each have a safe link from the Caledonian Cycleway.”
John Schofield, a Cycling Dumfries member who also teaches locally, said “At the moment, very few pupils cycle to our local schools on a daily basis, because of the difficulty and danger of tackling busy congested roads such as Craigs Road and St. Michaels Street. If we are serious about increasing children’s exercise levels, then very small amounts of money can achieve long lasting benefits, as some of the cycle paths in Dumfries have already shown. Many children want to cycle to school but parents will only let them if it can be shown to be safe. Cycling benefits everyone – the parents, the children, the local community and the school itself.”
Cycling Dumfries are suggesting a link from the Caledonian Cycleway to Dumfries High School and a short traffic-free path through Nith Bank Hospital and St. Joseph’s College to link up the other schools. In April, they guided a group of council candidates and local MSPs on a bike ride around town to highlight the problems – including the routes to the High School and St. Joseph’s.
To contact John email, phone 07756 093 680 or 01387 264691 (answering machine)
(1) EVENT: St. Joseph’s car park at 4pm on Sunday 16th September.  Postcards provided, but feel free to bring your own. Postcards will be posted from St. Michaels Street Post Office.
(2) Cycling Dumfries is a group of local cyclists who have got together to try and press for better cycling conditions in and around the town.
(4) Pedal on Postbox  is taking place across Scotland on Sunday 16th September, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dunblane.

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