Cycling to Eden Festival

Eden Festival thought some of their festival-goers might like to reach them by train and bike (or just bike) so they’ve asked us to suggest a route. There are two train stations within cycling distance of the festival, Dumfries and Lockerbie. Dumfries has fairly frequent trains local from Carlisle and Glasgow that will take up to 6 bikes. Lockerbie is served by some Virgin services and the Transpennine Express which will take two bikes each.

Cycling from Lockerbie

Lockerbie Route – click for more details

This CycleStreets journey plan gives the easiest route from Lockerbie, mainly following Sustrans Route 74 alongside the B7076 as far as Johnstonebridge and then cutting across to the festival site. It’s about 10 miles long with most of the climbing at the end – about 200 feet of it. According to CycleStreets you’ll have burnt 300 calories, although if you’re carrying camping gear as well it might be a bit more than that!

Cycling from Dumfries

Cycling from Dumfries is a little less straightforward. It’s about 13 miles straight up the A701 which is a fast and busy single-carriageway road. If you don’t mind that, it’s perfectly cycle-able but beware impatient drivers, and heavy lorries.

Dumfries to Eden – click for more details

Mike Gray of Cycling Dumfries and the Dumfries CTC group has mapped out an alternative route that avoids most of the A701 but does add just under 3 miles to the journey.

You can view the details of the route on Map My Ride or GPSies where you can download it into your GPS.


At the station, if you’re coming from Carlisle, exit directly into the station forecourt and take the cycle path off to the right that runs alongside the track. If you’re coming from Glasgow you’ll be on the wrong side of the tracks; rather than lug your bike up and over the footbridge, exit the station on that side and turn right, turn right at the mini roundabout and cross the railway bridge, and then turn right again immediately into the station forecourt to join the cycle path.

Where the path rejoins the road, stay on the shared-use pavement path until you reach the Caledonian Cycle way. Follow that as far as it goes until it comes out onto Quarry Road, where you turn left

Follow the road for just over two miles until you come to a crossroads just past Harleyrigg. Turn right towards Amisfield

Keep to the left hand fork just after the dip and the bridge. After about another mile you’ll reach the A701. Turn right onto the A701 for a very short stretch and then sharp left off it at the Shieldhill skew junction.

Stay on that road through Shieldhill, over the Ae Water and past Nethermill for about 4 and a half miles until you come to a t-junction, where you turn left.

Follow that road for a further mile and a half until you rejoin the A701 and turn right onto it for a last unavoidable stretch to the festival site


  • Ride with care, especially on the A701 where you should stick to single file and make sure you are well visible.
  • Some of the road crossings on the Caledonian Cycleway can be quite busy – use the toucan crossings
  • Look out for potholes and loose gravel on the back roads, which can be quite poorly maintained. Take extra care on bends.

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