The Big Bike Breakfast 2019

On Thursday 19th September we will be holding our annual Big Bike Breakfast – part of the World Car Free Day weekend celebrations.

After a successful event last year we’re returning to the Whitesands again, as it’s probably Dumfries’s busiest cycle commuting route. This year we’re joining forces with the Frothy Bike Co to offer cycling commuters a free hot roll (bacon or a vegan alternative) and tea, coffee and other breakfast goodies.

The bike breakfast will be held between 7am and 9am and also offers a chance to chat, find out more about what we do, and perhaps even nobble a councillor or council official and let them know what you think would make cycling easier and safer. We’ll be feeding back any gaps in the cycling network that people tell us about, which should feed into the council’s wider active travel strategy.

Serving up rolls at the first bike breakfast (sadly no bacon this time)
Serving up bacon rolls at the first bike breakfast

All you have to do to earn your free breakfast is to show up on your bike (mounted on the top of your car doesn’t count – although we’re not going to question how far you’ve actually ridden it…)

parking at the bike breakfast


28 thoughts on “The Big Bike Breakfast 2019”

  1. Hi guys,
    So good to have cycling for health being promoted in D&G.
    Could I make a plea for publicity ref routes suitable for rehabilitation and recovery? Many folk are able to fit in cycling as part of their cardio rehab but it is difficult to locate ‘cardio safe’ routes. If these are highlighted, preferably across D&G, it would remove some of the uncertainty and fear that many feel after finishing supervised rehab and set us fair on the road to full recovery.
    Yours aye
    M. Gordon

    1. How is a BACON roll promoting cycling for health? No wonder Scotland’s such an unhealthy nation, if they think that bacon at any time, let alone breakfast, constitutes a healthy choice. DG council & Cycling Dumfries – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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