Route Closure: Troqueer river path

The shared use path between the river and Troqueer Wastewater Treatment Works is closed due to path erosion. This means there is no way through between Troqueer and Mavis Grove along the river path.

Path with footpath closed sign
Looking upriver towards Troqueer
Path with footpath closed sign
Looking downriver towards Mavis Grove

Here’s the path closure on Google Maps.

It’s been a matter of time as to which but would go first – the bridge at the end of Mavis Grove (we first commented on this in 2018) or the path next to the sewage works.

This is a popular route for walking and cycling as it provides a nice little loop close to where many people live. It also connects residents on Mavis Grove to the town centre on a traffic free route.

We’ll be writing to our councillors to highlight the importance of this path as a local route and that we’d like to see it fixed as soon as possible. If you use this route please do the same. Councillors won’t know how much of a priority this is unless we tell them. You can find out who your Councillors are here. Citizens Advice Scotland has good advice on how to write a letter to a Councillor or MSP, if it’s something you haven’t done before.

3 thoughts on “Route Closure: Troqueer river path”

  1. Done

    Having been a councillor down south for the last ten years I am not holding my breath mind.
    Its a shame as I use this path regularly to cycle from Isle Steps into town. If there was a cycle path all the way to Isle Steps that would be even better. I note that the proposed boundary for the new National Park (if we get it) looks to be Isle Steps. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cycle into the new National Park, The 7Stanes and New Abbey.


    Paul Denney

    Sent from Mail for Windows

    1. Thanks Paul! We agree a better route along Islesteps would be great. You may have seen our blog Missing Links: New Abbey Road. If you have any suggestions to add to it please do!

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