Missing Links – where are the gaps in our active travel network?

Mixed Messages - sign showing cycle routes and 'cyclist dismount' signs

Back in 2012, we ran a series of posts on the missing links in Dumfries’s cycling network. Since then, although some of the gaps have been filled, it’s clear that there’s much to do. We know that the council are busy developing their new Active Travel Strategy so we thought we’d update our list – and see what others thought too.

Hopefully each of these listed ‘gaps’ will be pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll also be developing each one over the next few weeks with more detail, and some ideas about what could be done. We’ve also categorised them a bit

We’d also love to get a feel for what people think are the top priorities among all of these!

Connecting the surrounding suburbs and settlements to the town centre

  • Connecting Georgetown to the rest of Dumfries
  • Clearing the last barriers to cycling from Cargenbridge
  • Collin – a gateway to the east
  • Putting Glencaple on a national cycle route worthy of the name
  • Holywood and Ellisland
  • Connecting Terregles to town
  • Lockerbie, Lochmaben and Torthorwald – opening the region to those coming by train
  • Making the most of New Abbey
  • Tinwald and Amisfield

Links within the town centre and individual suburbs/settlements

  • Making the town centre a place for people
  • Improving the Dock Park crossing
  • Connecting St Michael’s and St Joseph’s schools to the traffic-free network
  • Annan and Lockerbie roads – opening up the east of town
  • A cycle path along Brooms Road
  • Links within Heathhall, especially to the primary school
  • Connecting Cuckoo Bridge retail park to the Maxwelltown path
  • Accessible links to the Caledonian path from Locharbriggs
  • Connecting the station to the town centre
  • Widening pavements in the streets around the centre
  • Civilising Rotchell Road

Thinking big

  • A coastal bike route to encourage tourism
  • Sustainable links to Northern Ireland (rail + ferry link!)

Watch this space as we add links to each of these points in turn – and please feel free to suggest things that we’ve missed out!

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