To the Hospital! on our fourth summer ride

We’re having quite a summer at the moment – which means perfect cycling conditions for some of us, but perhaps it’s a bit hot for some! This may explain why we’ve seen smaller numbers than we might expect on the last couple of rides. In our experience, cycling – gently – is a perfect way to keep cool on hot days as you generate your own breeze, and we always keep our pace nice and slow so nobody need overheat.

As James reports from Sunday: anyway just four of us set off from the rowing club yesterday afternoon in perfect conditions. We made our way trouble free to the end of the Maxwelltown path encountering only a few other bicycles enjoying the same braw conditions.

Small group in the hospital grounds

We decided to extend on to the hospital and stopped for a chat around the bike maintenance station there.

Checking out the bike maintenance station

Returning for home we detoured very slightly to find yet another stone circle (a memorial garden set up by Dumfries and Galloway Sands).

Examining the stone circle memorial
Sign for the memorial garden.

Building on the stone circle theme, we’ll be heading for the 12 Apostles next Sunday, which is always a grand day out. Hope to see you there!

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