Time to Play on our Second Family Ride

As our summer ride programme gets into its stride, it was nice to have nine of us assemble for another short exploration of Dumfries’s cycling infrastructure, this time heading for Lincluden Abbey.

 group assembled at Lincluden Abbey
(Most of) the group assembled at Lincluden Abbey

Since our last visit, it was nice to see that the grounds have been somewhat transformed with the grass allowed to grow long to create a wildflower meadow, with paths mown through it. It really adds to the atmosphere and makes the place feel much more like a rural oasis despite being so close to town

paths mown through longer grass at Lincluden abbey

After a bit of time exploring the ruins and the grounds, we then decided to take a short detour on the way back via Popeye Park which has been refurbished. Despite there being only one child (in chronological age terms, at least) in the group, it turned out some of us were still big kids at heart when it came to a zip wire

Or, indeed, a giant slide …

Playing on the metal slide

We then took a route out the other side of the park – which is quite a sharp little climb – and through Lincluden to make our way back to the rowing club.

Group riding out of the park.
Climbing out of the park

Our next ride will have a bit more climbing (although it’s still fairly short) as we tackle the Crichton. See you there at 2pm at the Rowing Club if you want to join in the fun.

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