March Meeting

After snow, wind, rain, frost and fog – February seems to be going out with some actual spring weather so it’s a real shame that we’re not looking forward to the last of our winter rides on Sunday. We’re hopeful that as lockdown starts to lift and the regulations allow it we can run some more rides in the spring, but for now we will have to make do with the joys of our regular monthly Zoom meeting

Screengrab of the Handforth Parish Council zoom meeting

Please join us on Tuesday 2nd March at 7pm from the comfort of your own home to discuss the issues of the day – members will get an email with the link as part of their regular newsletter, but if you don’t receive it, then please let us know by emailing to get your invite.

We can’t promise the fireworks of Handforth Parish Council, but we will be discussing our plans for joining in with Pedal on Parliament’s 2021 campaign which won’t involve pedalling on Parliament this year, unfortunately, but will have a strong climate message. We’ll also be considering issues closer to home and what activities we can start to plan for as lockdown eases.

Standard journalist at our pop-up park

A reminder too that the Dynamically Different Dumfries project is still going strong and there is one more of their online workshops left to go, on green spaces. You can sign up online to attend if you’re interested – the last three have all been very informal and useful sessions with lots of discussions and ideas. It might not be as fun as creating your own pop up park, but it might have a bit more of a lasting impact.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned on social media, there is a consultation going on about the Pleasance Avenue / Troqueer Road junction, where the council plan to put in pedestrian crossings – but the consultation goes a lot wider than that. If you live or walk or cycle through the area, do pop onto the online consultation site and have a look at the options (if you can’t see how to get to the survey from there then you can go direct using this link).

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