Advance notice: Caledonian Cycleway closure

We’ve been notified by the council that the Caledonian Cycleway is to be closed for utility works over the period from the 22nd February to the 26th March.

The closure will be in three phases, and diversions will be in place:

  • Phase 1: Between Moffat Road and Marchfield Avenue/Keswick Place link, during which time the diversion will be via Carruthers Crescent, Coulter Close, Summerpark Road, Marchfield Road and vice versa (in blue on the map below).
  • Phase 2: Between Marchfield Avenue/Keswick Place link and Marchfield Road, during which time the diversion will be via Marchfield Avenue, Edinburgh Road, Marchfield Road and vice versa (in green on the map below)
  • Phase 3: Between Marchfield Road and Bloomfield during which time the diversion will be via Marchfield Road, Edinburgh Road (via underpass) and vice versa (in yellow on the map below).
map of planned diversions during the worksThe council have assured us that during these works, diversion  signs will be in place and that the path will be restored to a good standard afterwards. Please let us know if you experience any problems or if diversion signs disappear.

We’ve also raised the issue of the Edinburgh Road underpasses which are not accessible to all users due to chicane barriers, but this is the responsibility of Transport Scotland rather than the council as it is part of the trunk road network – we’re following this up. Meanwhile we have reported to Amey the many broken lights in the underpasses as well as the encroaching vegetation, so hopefully those will be fixed soon (you can report issues with paths alongside major roads direct to Amey on their site)

We regret this closure as the Caledonian is a key link in Dumfries’ active travel network, but we have been reassured that the council are taking the need to maintain walking and cycling links seriously. But we’ll be keeping a close eye on things to make sure.

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