New Year’s Day ride cancelled

We’re sad to announce that we are cancelling our planned New Year’s Day ride. Although it would have been OK to go out under the guidance for Level 4, the current outbreak of the new variant is a concern, and so we are heeding the NHS’s advice to stay home as much as possible. Encouraging people to travel even within the region and to gather even in a small group, however much we try and keep our distance, just doesn’t feel right at the moment. Also, the icy conditions look set to stay around and riding in the hills might have been a bit reckless at the best of times.

We’re gutted as we were looking forward to an outing and a chance to chat, at least from a distance, but there will be other opportunities and other rides. Instead, we suggest people get out with their families or on their own, and enjoy what looks like is going to be a beautiful if cold day (taking care on any ice, of course).

We’ll keep our other rides under review, so please keep an eye on the site, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Stay safe out there! We will see you on the other side.

Group photo
New Year’s Day ride in happier times

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