Last ride of 2020 … looking forward to 2021!

One of the downsides of our new pandemic-safe rides is that it makes it very hard to put together a ride report when you go out in smaller groups instead of one large one! Yesterday saw us gathering (in a distanced fashion) by the rowing club prior to sending off two groups – one for those who fancied doing the full loop through Beeswing, and past Milton and back along the Old Military Road, and another group for those who wanted the option of a slightly shorter out-and-back ride.

Group assembled at the start

We had one family in the second group with two young girls who did brilliantly to tackle the big climb that takes you up and over from the Old Military Road down to Beeswing. We were fortunate in the weather – although it wasn’t sunny it was fairly mild, and there was no wind at all which is about all you can ask for at the end of November!

The front group did tackle the loop and by all reports had a good time (I’m working with very little here as our two ride leaders erred on the side of brevity). In the second group we took our time with plenty of stops to admire the view and catch our breath after the harder uphill stretches

We didn’t quite make it all the way to the tower, as some of the littler legs in the group were beginning to struggle and we knew it was shut – although we were very close. Instead after a rather unglamorous picnic lunch break at the side of the road, we turned around and tackled the big hill in the other direction.

Then it was downhill almost the whole way home – and it was the kids waiting for some of the adults to catch up!

All in all, despite a grey day, it was a pleasant way to spend a November Sunday and challenge ourselves to get outside – something that can be a struggle for experienced and newbie riders alike!

With Christmas coming, we won’t do a ride in December – but we will make up for it with our New Year’s Day Ride. This will be a loop up past the reservoir and through Speddoch – the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs and say farewell to 2020. Book now!

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