Don’t Miss Out! Sign up for next weekend’s Beeswing ride

Join us! Our next winter ride will be on Sunday 29th November – meet at 11am by the Rowing Club (note the new start point)

After a busy September and October, our autumn/winter ride programme continues with monthly rides so don’t miss out on next weekend’s event – a jaunt to Beeswing and Drumcoltran and back, for a total of around 24 miles.

loch Arthur route map
Route map showing the basic route to Beeswing – you can see the full details here.

We stopped going to Loch Arthur on our winter rides when we switched to a Sunday, as the creamery isn’t open, but now that we’re avoiding cafe stops there seemed no reason not to resurrect this lovely route – and possibly extend it to Drumcoltran Tower (also sadly not open) and back via Milton and the Old Military Road.

group photo

Starting at the Rowing Club (note, not Dock Park), we’ll head out via the Maxwelltown Path and the Old Glen Road and join the Old Military Road after crossing the A75 at the Lochfoot Roundabout. We’ll then head up and over the hill (it’s a stiffish climb but then a nice descent!) down towards Beeswing, where we’ll take a brief stop to eat our lunches (please bring your own)

In order to keep Covid-safe, we’ll be heading out in smaller groups and keeping socially distanced. This means we can tailor the ride a bit – so those who want to can head back the way we came, while those who want to make a loop of it can head out towards Milton and back along the Old Military Road – with any luck, with the wind behind us to carry us home.

At the top of the hill
Regardless of the distance, this will be the speed …

Either way, it will be on quiet back roads and cycle paths, and the pace will be slow enough that everyone’s got enough breath to chat – for that is, at the end of the day, the real reason to head out together.

This one has a bit more up and down than last month’s ride to Ae but it’s doable for anyone who’s happy spending a couple of hours in the saddle. If you’ve any questions about whether it might be suitable for you then get in touch.

If you want to join us, you do need to book – it’s totally free, but it enables us to get your contact details, and plan how many ride leaders we need.

See you there!

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