Hide and Seek and Wild Goose Chases: Two more rides to report


group at heathhall

The problem with having two rides in one week is keeping up with the ride reports! Last Sunday saw us heading out for Heathhall Forest with three groups of riders, and all the fun of keeping everyone apart.

group in the forest
Cycling through Heathhall forest

We had a full turnout of 30 people – the maximum we are allowed under current guidelines – so we all ended up exploring the forest in our different groups as well as having a play on the mountainbike track, which everyone enjoyed, kids and adults both.

trying out the mountainbike track
Trying out the mountainbike track

Then on Tuesday we joined forces with WWT Caerlaverock and The Stove for our Wild Goose Chase ride – part of the Wild Goose Festival.

setting off for the Wild Goose Ride

This was a bit longer than our Discovery rides, at 20 miles, and on on busier roads than we normally use, but there were plenty of stops along the way to check out the wildlife and learn more about the local history and natural history that abounds in the area.

looking at the river
Checking out the Nith at Kingholm Quay

The weather was not as nice as we’ve had on our recent rides, but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. Each group had not just a ride leader but wildlife experts so it was the perfect opportunity to learn something new as well as get out into the fresh air!

group at KM Bridge
Learning the difference between goosanders and mergansers …

Despite the distance, we had two sets of families along with younger children who were absolute stars (even though the ride home came with a bonus headwind)

family group on the road

It’s nice to arrive at your destination with a round of applause though – we think that should be standard on every ride!

Arriving at Caerlaverock
The final group rolls in to a round of applause

Being in smaller groups was to our advantage once more as it meant each could go at their own pace, and spend more or less time at each stop.

Sunday is the last of our Discovery Rides – we’ll be heading out to Mabie Forest. That’s already fully booked but if you’re interested in a longer adventure, our Winter Rides start on the last Sunday of the month. The first one will be out to Ae, another 20 miler, and well within the abilities of anyone who joined us down to Caerlaverock – you can book online for your free place if you want to join us.

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