More sunny weather for our second Discovery Ride!

Two groups meet (but maintain their distance!) at one of the handy benches up the Glen. Photo courtesy John Henry

While the rest of the UK seemed to be being battered by storms, we had another gorgeous Sunday for our second Discovery Ride – this time up the Glen. Despite some trepidation about its hillier nature compared to our first ride, we had another massive turnout with 25 people going out in three socially distanced groups.

The second group heads along the Whitesands in sparkling sunshine – hard to believe this is October. Photo courtesy of John Henry.

Once more each group had to negotiate the broken Dock Park crossing light (which – despite one hopeful email suggesting it had been dealt with – is still not working at the time of writing). However, that was pretty much the only fly in the ointment in an otherwise enjoyable afternoon. We even had a tailwind to help us up the climbs and as any cyclist will tell you, that almost never happens.

The Glen Road ride is a simple enough out-and-back affair, heading along the Maxwelltown Path and past the old hospital, before joining what used to be the A75 before the dual carriageway was built. This is now a dead end for cars, so it’s very quiet, but for much of its length it’s still as wide as the trunk road it used to be, so it’s a great place to ride in these socially distanced times.

Stopping to admire the view (and possibly catch our breath) at the second bench.

It also has a couple of handily placed benches on the way up where those who need to can catch their breath, and those who want to can admire the view. Once more, going out in small groups meant that we were able to tailor the rides a bit more to everyone’s ability – and we only had to climb as far as our legs would willingly carry us.

Enjoying the descent

What goes up, must come down – and that’s the beauty of this ride because having climbed all that way up, it’s then time to enjoy the descent.

Once again it was a real pleasure to be out cycling in good company, enjoying some of our beautiful surroundings and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Our next ride is a real favourite among kids big and small – a jaunt along the Caledonian Cycleway to Heathhall Forest, and particularly the mountain bike track there. You can book your free ride place here – but hurry because spaces are going fast.

trying the track

For a longer ride – but still very suitable for older children – don’t forget our Wild Goose Chase ride down to Caerlaverock wetland centre on Tuesday 13th October – a great option for a half-term outing, with each group accompanied by a wildlife expert to fill you in on the amazing birds and animals that make our region their home.

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