Tell us your secrets! (Your secret routes that is)


One of the minor frustrations of cycling in the region can simply be finding your way around – especially if you want to use some of our cycle routes, rather than going the way you would in a car.

Over the years, we’ve all gradually discovered a few short cuts or unsigned routes that make life easier when cycling around town – although sometimes it’s not until another cyclist shows you a route that you realise an alternative is available.

cycling map of Dumfries
Whenever we do events with a stall, these cycling and walking maps usually get snapped up pretty quickly – and they’re often out of print

Which is where you come in: we want your sneaky shortcuts and cunning cut-throughs! Your unsigned and unsung paths that save you tangling with traffic, that you didn’t know about until you stumbled across them. They could be new paths that haven’t yet been signposted (we’re still waiting for the Mabie Forest one to get its way finding) or they could have been there for ages. Either way there’s bound to be another local cyclist who is still completely unaware of them and we want to share the knowledge.

If you’ve got a route you’re willing to share, let us know. You can reply in a comment below, or send us an email (cyclingdumfries AT  Or draw it out on a map and send us a link – and don’t worry if it seems really obvious. There’s plenty of us have spent years gritting our teeth and cycling down unpleasant roads when there was a traffic-free alternative that seemed blindingly obvious once it was pointed out …

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