Vote for Cycling Dumfries Activities

We’d normally be in the full swing of our summer family rides now and looking forward to the Bike Breakfast. As we’re not able to do our normal activities we’re wondering what other things could we do to help you get out on your bike in Dumfries? Please complete the online poll and add any suggestions in the comments or as an additional option, so others can vote on it too. Click here to fill in the poll.

Some ideas we’ve had are:

Commuter Bike Maintenance. Learn the essentials to keep your bike running smoothly. So things like inflating tyres, cleaning and oiling the chain, how to replace a chain that drops off mid ride and changing an inner tube if you get a puncture.

Buddy rides. Fancy going somewhere by bike but not sure of the route or need a hand? One of our members can accompany you on a ride and help plan a route! It doesn’t even have to be an A to B ride. If you’ve got several stops to make we can help you plan it.


School bike buses. A bike bus is where a group of students can be collected at different “stops” on a pre-planned route and all cycle to school together. This is overseen my adults accompanying the children. We can help parents and schools interested in getting children to school by bike plan and maybe help run a school bike bus.

Our core team at Cycling Dumfries is a small band of merry volunteer so may not be able to do all of these things, which is why we want your help to prioritise what we can do. Cast your vote to let us know!

One thought on “Vote for Cycling Dumfries Activities”

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