Want to see more spaces for people? Add your suggestions

We’ve been calling for more space for people to walk, cycle and wheel more safely in the town for a while – and now there’s some good news!

The council have been awarded almost £600,000 from the Scottish Government Spaces for People fund and now they want your suggestions for where the money would best be used.

commonplace map snippet
The council and Sustrans’ Commonplace site: There are a few suggestions for Dumfries already – click on the map to add your own, or add your approval to those already made.

They’ve joined forces with Sustrans to set up a Commonplace site, which allows you to very easily click on a map to make suggestions in locations right across the county – or if you see that someone’s already made the same suggestion you can add your approval to it.

The site will be gathering suggestions up until the 21st August, so you’ve only got a few weeks to have your say.  You will need to set up an account – which only takes a minute or so – and then you can add your ideas to your heart’s content.

As our snippet of the map shows, there are already lots of suggestions in and around Dumfries. There’s probably too many for everything to be put in place, so adding your agreement to existing suggestions could help the council prioritise the ones that seem to have the most support.

Note that we’ll be holding our next meeting (online again) next week on Tuesday 4th at 7pm, so we’ll be discussing some of the suggestions then, and coming up with some priorities as a whole, so please do join us if you can (if you’re a member you’ll get an email with the joining details; if you’re not, let us know if you would like to be sent an invitation).

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