A virtual meeting for May: Spaces for People fund

Well, apologies for the long break – I think the longest we’ve gone without updating the site since we were founded! We’ve been keeping up with posts on Twitter and Facebook, but since we went into lockdown, with all our activities cancelled, there hasn’t been anything to add here.

However, things are happening behind the scenes with the council interested in applying for the Scottish Government’s ‘Spaces for People‘ fund and we thought we should try and have a quick virtual meeting on Tuesday 19th May (at 6pm as is traditional) to discuss how we can campaign for the changes needed for safe, socially distanced, walking and cycling in Dumfries and beyond. Sadly we can’t gather in the pub as we usually do, but we can do so online. We’ll email all our members with the meeting link, but if you don’t get a regular email but still want to join in, just let us know (cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com) and we’ll send you the details.

coach and horses
Our normal meeting venue – sadly not open at the moment as we all socially distance

Glasgow and Edinburgh are already pressing ahead with temporary changes to their streets – indeed Edinburgh has announced quite a raft of measures from pop-up cycle lanes and widened pavements to road closures and re-timed pedestrian crossings.

We’ve already had a discussion with the council about possible measures – but it would be good to have more ideas from both members and non-members (and they don’t even have to be about making cycling easier – we’re just as keen to see people walking safely and easily as well!). Pedal on Parliament have been running a #SpaceForDistancing campaign to encourage people to contact their local authorities about places where they’d like to see pop-up measures and they’ve got some fun graphical tools you can use to make the point.

One bonus from this lockdown has been seeing all the families and other people out on their bikes both in the town and in the surrounding country roads. We really hope this will continue as people have got a taste for cycling – but if they have to contend with increasing traffic then we don’t think they will.

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