A Burns Ride – and a ‘safari’

Don’t forget this Sunday is our winter ride – a chance to get out into the fresh air and enjoy whatever January can throw at us! With Burns Night approaching we’ll be celebrating Robbie Burns in our own way, by riding out to Brow Well, where he sought a cure for rheumatic fever.

At Brow Well
Our first ride out to Brow Well

As always, the pace will be at the speed of the slowest and we genuinely won’t care about being ‘held up’ – indeed we enjoy the chance to just pootle along and enjoy the scenery and the chat. We’ll aim for a cafe stop either at Caerlaverock Castle or the Boathouse at Glencaple. Join us on the Whitesands at Devorgilla Bridge for an 11 am start.

Maidenbower aftef
Maidenbower Path – a lovely traffic free route from Georgetown to the Crichton – but up a 1 in 5 hill …

Then, on Sunday 10th of February we’ll be doing something a little different. Despite being home to so many people in Dumfries, Georgetown is one of the hardest places to get to and get around by bike – especially for families or those who aren’t keen on tangling with traffic. In recent years there have been some paths and bike routes added but they’re not well signposted and not particularly joined up either.

The plan is a ‘safari’ to investigate some of the existing cycle paths and routes, to look at where the worst gaps are, and perhaps identify where we think some infrastructure is needed to connect Georgetown up to the rest of the cycling network. We’ll be meeting outside the Spar on Georgtown Road at 1:30pm for a couple of hours exploring.

If you know Georgetown well and have ideas about what would make it better, why not come along? Or if you live or cycle there (or want to cycle) and would like to learn more about the routes that exist this might also be useful. It won’t be a led ride in the traditional sense but a bike would be helpful, and you’d need to be comfortable cycling in Georgetown as it is, rather than as we’d like it to be.


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