Can you help? Leaf clearing Sunday 11th November

Can you join us on Sunday 11th November (from 10am) for a little DIY path clearing action?

Castledykes after
Clearer paths mean there’s room for everyone

Winter isn’t just coming – it seems like it’s already here, and as ever, there are still leaves on the paths around our cycling and walking network. Wet and frozen leaves are pretty slippy things so – given the continued lack of gritting on most of the off road paths – clearing them away helps keep cyclists and walkers safe (and also makes more room on our shared paths for everyone).

Every year we report issues with slippery paths and encroaching vegetation, but we’re also happy to take matters into our own hands if it helps!  That’s why we’re planning another leaf clearing day of action after the success of our last one last year.

If you can help, join us from 10am on Sunday 11th November at the station, ready to tackle the station path and beyond. If there are any paths you use which are particularly bad, let us know so we can prioritise our efforts. We will observe the traditional 2 minute silence at 11, or if you’re attending a Remembrance Day service, you may join us later.


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