Braving showers on our Big Bike Breakfast

parking at the bike breakfast

It’s fair to say we haven’t had a great September weatherwise, so we were worried that it might put a dampener on this year’s bike breakfast But even as trees downed by Storm Ali were still littering some of the cycle paths, we still saw a record turnout for our first breakfast on the Whitesands this morning – and a mid-breakfast shower did nothing to cool anyone’s enthusiasm (especially when there were bacon rolls to be had).

tomato ketchup and bacon rolls
Pupils from St Michael’s getting down to the serious business of their bacon rolls

This year we were partnering with local businesses and organisations to hold the event on the Whitesands, which is right on the main commuting route into town, so our thanks go to the Coach and Horses for providing the space and the Dumfries Ice Cream Parlour and Coffee Bar for keeping up a steady supply of bacon rolls for our hungry guests. The Visit Scotland Tourist Information Office opened their doors early to provide overflow bike parking – which was very welcome when a contingent of 23 pupils and 5 teachers and helpers from St. Michael’s showed up on their bikes.

It was good too to have the Dumfries Cycle Cops along (even though, sadly, they had to go and answer a call just as their bacon rolls arrived).

map of issues in the town
Identifying problems and gaps in the network on our ‘gap map’

The council were also there asking people to identify gaps in the network and other barriers to active travel as part of their street audit (watch this space for more information) – people weren’t shy at coming forward with suggestions for how things could be improved and there were lots of good conversations being held if the buzz in the air was anything to go by.

MSP Colin Smyth
MSP Colin Smyth

It was nice to have Colin Smyth MSP and his daughter show up (our youngest participant and still on her stabilisers!) – we always appreciate it when local politicians come along to talk to our members and other cyclists and we hope they get a good insight into how they can make it easier to walk and cycle around the area, whether they’re councillors or MSPs.

chatting at the bike breakfast

It was interesting to see the spread of people who cycle to work, school or leisure in Dumfries – as well as the St Michael’s kids, there were three other cycling families, and also a good mix of men and women, and young and old.

St Michael's Pupils
St Michael’s pupils setting off to class

All in all another successful event – thank you to everyone who made the detour to come along


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