Cake Raid 2018: Penpont

durisdeer tea
Durisdeer Church Tea

Last year, following a discussion in the pub (source of all great ideas, but also a fair few bonkers ones), we held our inaugural Cake Raid on the Durisdeer Church Teas. This turned out to be even more epic than we’d originally planned, due to it being extremely wet, although still good fun, for a certain value of fun …

climbing up to Ae
Cheery in the rain during last year’s raid

The tea was also excellent, evidenced by the fact that it disappeared almost before we could take a photograph of it. However we’ve heard that Penpont Church’ does a Saturday ‘tea and light bite’ which is even better (don’t be fooled by that ‘light bite’ – our spies report that you could well end up too stuffed to ride home).

Penpont also has the advantage of being slightly closer than Durisdeer – while last year’s ride was around 49 miles, depending in which route people took back, our planned route will be just under 20 miles out and just over 20 miles back, via the lovely quiet back roads around Irongray, Dunscore and Keir.

We’ll meet at 11am at Devorgilla Bridge on the Whitesands, aiming to get there shortly after the doors open at 1pm. This is approximately a 10mph pace, but nobody will get left behind, so don’t worry about the speed. However, it is just over 40 miles, or four hours of cycling, with a fair few feet of climbing, so if you’ve not done this distance before,  you might want to arrange a bail-out option at Penpont.

at tea
Soggy but smiling …

Hopefully, the weather will be better than last year, but this is Dumfries and Galloway so come prepared – it’s easy to underestimate how cold you can get in the wet even on a mild day. We’ll aim to run the ride whatever the weather, unless we decide it’s not going to be any fun.

If you’re interested, let us know (as a courtesy, we’d like to give the organisers a rough idea of how many hungry cyclists they’ll be playing host to) either in the comments or via Facebook.


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