Want to see more cycle paths? Let our MSP know!

Emma Harper MSP
Emma Harper, on her bike at last year’s bike breakfast

Here’s a quick simple thing you can do to encourage the powers that be to invest more in cycling infrastructure, especially locally! Emma Harper MSP wants to hear from people about what they’d like to see done in the region, so she can take that to our new Transport Secretary. You can reach Emma easily on her official email address (emma.harper.msp@parliament.scot) and if you’re a bit stuck for words, you can borrow our email below – just add your own examples after ‘For instance’ of where you’d like to see something change. We’ve had a great response to a recent Facebook post about Community Links funding, so we know the demand is out there – but our politicians won’t know themselves unless we tell them, so get writing!

Dear Emma Harper

I’m emailing to ask for your support to bring more high-quality infrastructure for both cycling and walking to our region. As you know, the best way to encourage people to cycle and walk more is to give them safe conditions to do so, preferably away from heavy and fast traffic. This in turn means fewer car journeys, less pollution, a healthier population and also gives children and young people freedom to get about without being dependent on their parents to drive. In our beautiful rural areas, it also has huge potential to increase tourism without putting too much of a strain on our resources and infrastructure.

I’m delighted that the Scottish Government has already announced more money for active travel investment, but progress is painfully slow and Dumfries and Galloway is in danger of missing out. Because of the need to provide match funding, the council is only bidding for a few Community Links projects a year. Even when bids are successful, they are often then held up or even cancelled because of objections from landowners who haven’t been properly consulted.

We already have some great locations for cycling and walking but there are some glaring omissions which mean people who would like to cycle more have no safe alternative to driving – even for some quite short journeys. For instance, ….

Dumfries and Galloway was originally the home of cycling, and it could become a byword for active travel with proper investment, amounting to just a fraction of what a road scheme would cost. If the Scottish government is serious about seeing 10% of journeys by bike, as it has said, then it needs to start investing now in filling these (and other) gaps in the network.

I hope you will pass this message on to the minister and help us make our region one of the healthiest places in Scotland.


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