Buddies Bike Barn – Open Day!

As many of you will know, we’ve been working with Buddies Dumfries for two years now, and it’s been a journey for all concerned.

What started as a project to give Buddies members a bit more independence has grown legs – or rather wheels. Not only have some of the members who we’ve helped get pedalling independently gone on to win medals, Buddies have been working to bring cycling not just to their members, but to anyone in the area who might need a little help to get pedalling (or simply to get out on a bike). After two amazing open days when the whole of Dumfries seems to have had a go on an adapted bike or two, they’ve now got themselves a base on the Vennel within easy reach of the Whitesands and Dock Park and the rest of the cycle network.


We made this little video to celebrate – and get a flavour of what Buddies Bike Barn has to offer but because there’s no substitute for experiencing things for yourself, Buddies are celebrating the opening of the Bike Barn with an open day on Sunday 9th September where you can see what sort of cycles they have on offer to rent. As well as a wheelchair bike, which allows anyone who can’t get out under their own steam to at least enjoy the fresh air and maybe join other family members on a group cycle ride, there are trikes (including an electric trike), side-by-side tandems, pedal-powered go-karts and also some standard two-wheeled bikes for people who simply don’t have a bike of their own and want to see if cycling is for them.

See you there!




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